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If you know of any new addons or repositories not already listed or you find an addon that's listed but you know for a fact it's now depreciated please let us know so we can update the database. The Xbox compatibility list is currently being created but it's a slow process, if you can help with any testing please get in contact. Thanks!


First of all a big thank you to xbmc member zag who created the addons section for - the code used in this addons section was based on that and you can find the source code here. Also a massive thanks to everyone who has contributed to the whole xbmc project, whether you're a developer, you create the video guides or are an enthusiastic user helping out on the forums - you guys rock!


This website is designed to be a self-help guide for all things XBMC related and all the information collated here is freely available on the web. The addons listed are gathered using our addon website engine, this scrapes not only the official repository but also third party repositories. We take no liability for any of these Add-ons or the content they provide. If you notice we've missed out any addons out please notify us via the contact form.